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What Are Square Panda Phonics Reviews?

Square Panda Phonics Multisensory Sight, Touch, and Sound Playset for Kids Learning to Read – Home Edition

 About this learning toy for kids

  • This Square Panda is an amazing product that helps the child unlock early reading skills using multisensory play.
  • This product is perfect for children of age group 2-8 as multisensory approach is used that combines the use of sight, touch, and sound making it a different experience everytime. And this is one product that is definitely that is loved by both parents and educators.

Specifications of Square Panda Phonics

  • Square Panda is derived from a research based curriculum that states, kids can build early reading skills if it is engaged through play, as each session of this game allows and guides the child as he/she explore the alphabets, learn letter sounds, build vocabulary and more! Square Panda helps build these skills:
  1. etymological Awarness
  2. Encoding
  3. Decoding
  4. Rhyming & Word Families
  5. Motor Skills
  6. Letter Sound Decoding
  7. Kinesthethic Skills
  • For this the parents can simply download each game on the App Store or Google Play and the kids can have fun. There are currently 10 games that include:
  1. Square Panda Bowling
  2. Square Panda Bubbles
  3. Square Panda Farming
  4. Square Panda Jiggity Jamble
  5. Square Panda Fishing
  6. Square Panda Lagoon
  7. Square Panda Letter Lab
  8. Square Panda Letter Lullaby
  9. Square Panda Monster Rhymes
  10. Square Panda Space Cows
  • Each game has their own different feature that focuses on different areas of development, such as orientation of letters, letter confusion and word play helping them achieve new learning milestones.
  • The children even earn badges when they spell their name correctly or even words like “Panda” and “Square” which keeps the child motivated and encourage them to learn more.

By Using the app parents can even keep a track of their child’s learning progress, by giving them a clear picture of areas that need attention.

Reviews About – Square Panda Phonics Multisensory Sight, Touch, and Sound Playset for Kids

  • When I purchased this I didn’t know whether it would be simply one more thing that my children would play with for a couple of days and afterward never again.
  • In any case, it’s a unique little something that they hold returning to. I have a son and it’s been useful for him to physically move the letters around rather than simply contacting the letters on the screen.
  • My little child appreciates playing with it also. There is a decent assortment of applications and they have made it easy to sign in
  • my child had not quit playing with it! He loves it. Cultivating and the Lizzard he adores. My most youngest kid is in kindergarten and he needs to figure out how to peruse so gravely.
  • This is an toy is fun and is instructive. He has a ton of toys, his more established sibling who is 7, needs to take part in the fun as well!! I trust his eagerness proceeds. Be that as it may, for the time being I’m excited. He’s glad and learning

A few issues I confronted

1. It requires web association and login each time you need to utilize the toy/gadget or any of the applications.

2. You can’t pick a beginning stage or trouble level for your child.

3. You can’t kill or abbreviate the movements after each task/play. After you put the letter in the space, you should sit tight for the equivalent, exhausting, long movement to finish.


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