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What is Magformers Basic Set magnetic building blocks?

About This Learning Toy For Kids 

  • This is a toy consists of 18 square and 12 triangles, these colors and design are best for kids age from 2-8, These educational toy uses best ABS plastic material.
  • This has neodymium rare-earth magnets of guaranteed connectivity with each other this magnet also has the connectivity all magformers shapes and accessories.
  • High quality and super powerful magnets are used while manufacturing these toys.
  • This toy is a perfect set for travelling as this toy can be taken anywhere and little toddlers can easily play with them easily.

Isn’t it fun let’s know more about the product in detail

Magformers Basic Set magnetic building blocks development.

  • This set being the best learning toys for kids helps your child build and create, using their creative vision, allowing them to develop their mind.
  • Assembling the magformers building sets engrosses mathematical and scientific perception, deductive reasoning, and use of spatial awareness.
  • Handling and creating buildings using the colorful magformers magnets is scholastic, but with this educational toy, even learning becomes FUN!

Rainbow Basics

  • The best part about the product is the rainbow colors which makes it all the more magical and fascinating for kids.


  •  Storage is not a problem. The strong magnets in this learning toy for toddlers connects to one another easily, so there won’t be even any any mess after play.

What can you create by Magformers Basic Set magnetic building blocks??

  • With 30 pieces in the set the child can make simple shapes like cubes and pyramids to  advance structures like magic ball, a house, a building, and a rocket, even a beautiful flower or a microphone.
  • With the best learning toys for kids’ imagination might be your limitation but with such wide variety of color options and endless ideas you can go on creating from anything to everything. You’ll have difficulties choosing your favorite one.
  • All you have to do is follow the step-by-step idea booklet to learn the pull up tricks, then with the help of this training toys let your imagination run wild and little fingers to show their magic creating amazing 3D structures from 2D nets.


Why choose Magformers Basic Set magnetic building blocks?

  • This product by Magformers is an ideal product for your little one as it helps them develop their creative side and think out of the box.
  • The most important thing about this training toy is it helps in STEM learning.
  • STEM learning is basically the integration of the pillars – Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math, and teaching your child to think critically and evaluating information, how to apply knowledge, research and skills to solve problems.
  • It is the best age to encourage kids to question, to explore and to play. With the help of this best learning toys you can foster  innovation, creativity, critical thinking skills and problem solving skills in your kids while they play and have fun.



Reviews about Magformers Basic Set magnetic building blocks.

  • As the description says, there are 12 pentagons, 20 triangles and 30 squares. The sides of every pentagon and square are 2-1/2″, and of each triangle are 2″.


  • There’s a model booklet encased that demonstrates an assortment of accessible sets. With this specific set, your adolescent can fabricate things like an hourglass, distinct rockets, stars and structures, 3-D shapes like a solid shape or hexagonal crystal.


  • Beyond any doubt are a great deal of different attractive development sets out there! I’d found out about them as I was glancing around for Christmas thoughts for our 2 – 1/2 year old daughters, yet additionally got somewhat befuddled – there are such huge numbers of to look over.


  • Including Magformers, Super Magformers, Magna-Tiles, Playmags, Picasso Tiles, Tegu Blocks, and every one of them has fans! Subsequent to perusing up on every.


  • However, I like the patterns on those that should make them less demanding for our grandson to hold – Super Magformers have patterns also, yet they’re bigger than these normal ones.


  • However, I do hear that neither kind of Magformers stands up without anyone else because of their adjusted sides, and the inner parts of the shapes have a barrel shaped magnets which turn around, so you need to stack them one by one.


  • Takes somewhat longer to tidy up after play and takes up more space from what I can assemble.) I’m thinking about Tegu – which are really wooden attractive squares.







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